Painted Clouds

When I walk around I try to pay attention to the little details at my feet.  
I am constantly amazed at the wonderful details I find on a daily basis.

Today I tried something crazy, I looked up!  The earth treated me to the most
beautiful clouds.  They were so unreal they looked as if they were painted. 


Some Rules Are Made To Be Broken


Gelato, Gelato, Gelato

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to share a gelato. 
Luckly for us a new place opened up right around the corner from where we live.
Yesterday we decided to give it a try and hoped it would live up to our gelato standards!

They had quite a few flavors to choose from but lil'p and I have a weakness for
anything peanut butter and chocolate. With the flavor chosen we dug in.

From the look on her face you can see it was delicious! 



Here comes the sun!

For days it's been raining, sprinkling, pouring cats and dogs.  The rain is great when you are a kid,
not so great when you are an adult who just wants to be outside playing with the camera.
So when it stopped raining and a few tiny rays of sun snuck through, I grabbed my camera and ran outside.

The sun sparkling in the rain drops made it seem as though the plants were covered in glitter.

These giant wet blossoms seemed to be singing, Here comes the Sun!


I'm here!

It may not exactly be the "hello world" moment, but it feels like it to me. I'll consider this the start of a wonderful adventure.

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